The Love Project

by Dawn McClain

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this is a compilation of all of the songs I've done from 2007-2010 purchase the full album and get 6 bonus tracks! Thank you


released September 1, 2010

State of emotion- production by Wizard Jones Lyrics by Gordon Chambers



all rights reserved


Dawn McClain Anchorage, Alaska

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Dawn McClain has emerged from the same rich soil of so many other great African American singers. Like so many powerhouses and trailblazers in music, An 80's baby with a splash of 60's and 70's influence, and a sprinkle of gospel roots, she blends and bridges the generation gap between these eras in music, melodically suspending time. ... more

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Track Name: Leave
Lyrics by Dawn McClain Publishing LeorahDreams 3/2006
V1-I don’t know why, and I can’t believe that you would play theses games on me
I don’t know how, I couldn’t see or read through all your schemes
My momma said to leave you alone, cause we could never build a home
But instead I followed my own heart, and you shattered all my dreams
Hook- Say bye-bye cause you weren’t worth my tears
And I won’t waste my time or anymore sad years
It’s time to say bye-bye cause you we weren’t meant to be
I’d rather be alone, than unhappy I guess it’s time for me to leave
V2- I packed my things, no need to change the locks cause I’m giving back your keys
Don’t call my phone, or try to contact me cause there’s nothing left to say
To get me to stay, I made up my mind and you’ve run out of time
To get it right, now get outta my way cause I ain’t tryin to pick a fight
You thought that you could have your cake, and eat it too
You thought that you were good, you had game
I had no clue
I can’t believe I didn’t see, that you were running game on me
I hate that I wasted my time, and gave you so much of my life
B sec- I can not believe, I was so in love boy
That I couldn’t see, that you would hurt me
Wanted us to be, together forever
Guess it wasn’t meant, for us to be one
Track Name: L-O-V-E
Lyrics by Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing 2/2008
V1-I wanna know, why do I love you
I’m letting go, why do I trust you
The way you make me feel I can’t believe
Could this all be a dream
Then hurry and wake me
This feeling is scary
Hook-no I can’t lie the way I feel for you brings tears to my eyes
I tried to hide but, L-O-V-E
Exposed my pride the feeling in my heart has clouded my mind
I can’t deny, L-O-V-E has come to me
V2-My heart was full, to over flowing
It came outta my mouth, without me knowing
He heard every word I gone and said
What’s going on in his head
Can’t tell if he ready, now I’m feeling crazy
B sec-baby I love, baby I love you
Track Name: Live, Give, Love
Life is short I choose to live it
thank you Lord for every moment, second, minute
with my eyes I see your glory
golden bright shining on me only
everyday I get to laugh
for every night that I cried
makes me want to lift my hands
and thank you for another chance to
Learn to live
live to love
love to give
live, give love
(verse 2)
I feel rain drops when I'm thirsty
when I feel pain, that's when I know I'm growing
the wind blows to cool my emotions
when I feel cold, I get the rays from your Son
everyday I get to laugh
for every night that I cried
makes me want to do a dance
and thank you for another chance to
you've got to leave your hurt behind
view the clouds reshape your vision
and you will free your mind
learn to forgive, open your eyes
see a whole new world beginning before you
Track Name: Do what you gotta do
Do What You Gotta Do
Lyrics by Milton McGhee and Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing 7/2009

Hook-Do what you gotta, do what you gotta do
First you gotta dance, first you gotta dance
V1-when we first met all eyes were on you from that moment I knew
I wanted you to dance with me
Take off your coat, that’s all you gotta do
Cause tonight I want to be with you
B sec-tonight's your lucky night, I hope all goes your way
I pray the sun shines on you everyday
All that you do I love
The moon the stars above are out so we can play
Come on lets get away
V2-sorry for the times I could not be there
But I want to let you know baby I really do care
When you looked into my eye
You wiped away my tears you took away my fears
Boy you’re driving me crazy
Track Name: My Body
My body
Lyrics by Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing 7/2009
V1-It’s been a long week at work
I’m ready to work it all out
I’m ready for the break that I deserve
Yeah, I’mma scream and shout
People looking at me
Cause I know how to be free
You want to be part of my world
Yeah I’m a rowdy girl
I’m having a really good time
Ain’t nothing on my mind
But getting on that floor
And dancing all night
Hook-cause I need, the DJ to keep spinning for me
Cause I need to move my body
So DJ keep spinning for me
And move my body, and move my body
V2-you know how to make my body sweat
And got my clothes all wet
I know how to do the latest moves
Just keep on playing that groove, yeah
People looking at me, cause I know how to be free
You wanna be part of my word cause I’m a rowdy girl
I’m having a really good time, ain’t nothing on my mind
But getting on that floor, and dancing all night
Track Name: State of emotion
by Gordon Chambers
(verse 1) I was going, always too much
always giving, even when the going got too tough
i was loving, everyone else
never saving, any energy for myself (right now my)
(Hook) State of emotion, is all about passion
I can fly, I'm free where I want to be (right now my)
state of emotion, is wild as the ocean
and everybody can see, I'm finally in love with me
(verse 2) I was running, and all out of breath
always driving, riding, flying north south, east, and west
never knowing, where I'd end up next
now I'm in control, of everywhere that I go (right now my)
(go to hook)
(bridge) I can jump, jump into a river
even when it's cold, i won't even shiver (I am warm)
cause there's a fire inside
making my temperature high
yes my body is warm, thanks to the joy in my soul
(go to hook)
Track Name: You used to
You used to
Lyrics by Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing 08/2007

V1-Sick and tired of making excesses
So I’m not any more
Don’t know how we made it this far, but I’m walking out that door
Left some money on your dresser, it should help out with the bills
Cause this thing we got ain’t working
Instead of love, bitters what I feel
Pre hook-Cause you don’t treat or look at me the same
And as a matter of fact
I think your feelings for me, they have changed
And they ain’t never coming back
I’ve tried and tried so hard to explain
But you managed not to hear
So by the time you read this I’ll, be moving on with my life
Hook-I’ve packed my heartache and tears
Moving on past my fears of being alone without you
No I don’t know what I’ll do, but anythings better than
Living a lie with someone who’ll never love me the way
You used to
V2-reminiscing over pictures in a frame so perfectly
Wearing smiles but we’re pretending cause we know we’re not happy
A living hell behind these four walls battle scares no one can see
I’m breaking out of this here prison cause this heartache is killing me
B sec-No more, no more feeling this pain
No more trying to make myself stay
No more, tired of feeling misused
I’m better off without you
Track Name: Sex me (bonus track)
Sex me
Lyrics by Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing and Karl Antwon 6/2005

V1-I gotta make this phone call
Please pick up the other end
Got something to let you know
I don’t know where to begin
Do you have a little time
Better yet can you stop by
I need to relieve my mind
Can’t nobody relieve me like you
Pre hook)-baby I can’t, stop thinkin
Bout the last time, ooh I’m fiending
Baby I’m right here
Hook-I’m sitting at home alone
Baby please pick up the phone
I need you to come and please
Sex me, sex me
V2-I really like the way that sometimes you come and get behind me
Sometimes I try to run, but you always take the time to remind me
Track Name: This Ain't Love
This ain’t Love
Lyrics by Dawn McClain for LeorahDreams publishing 9/2009
V1-You know you really hurt my feelings
You know you really broke my trust
Goin around pretending
That you were so in love
You sold me on a fantasy
Of being a family
All the while Just cheating and making a fool of me
Hook-giving up on love is so hard to do (give it up give it up give it up girl)
V2-I would’ve never let you in
Or to my heart gave you a key (give back the key to my heart)
If I had known that way back then (way back then)
A deceiver you would be (this ain’t love)
B sec-Putting on my red dress
And going to the club
Hang with my friends just forgetting about us
Got no time for drama
Tonight its about me you wanna be a player
Tonight I set you free
V3-what did I ever do to you
To be treated like your fool
All I wanted was your love
I guess it’s time to give it up
Track Name: Step it up
Ryan "King Midas" Harris and Dawn McClain
Track Name: My Life
Dawn McClain for LeorahSmiles publishing